You can apply if:

  1. You are working on one of the social causes we support (see homepage)
  2. You are looking for one or more designer(s) to collaborate with for a minimum duration of one month
  3. You have a dedicated budget to compensate the designer(s),  

Tell us
who you're looking for!

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What types of roles are you looking for? *
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Mission and why it started.
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Which cause/causes the company is focused
Give us a brief! Describe what your specific design needs are. The more specific and detailed you’ll be and the easier it will be to match you with the most amazing talented designers aligned with your purpose and needs.
Do you have any specific timeline, milestones or deadline we should know?
The budget will be used to pay the service from the designers and a small percentage will be reinvested in Design for X to support our nonprofit initiative.